Chen Taijiquan Academy


Chen Style Taichi Chuan AcademyChen Style Taijiquan is a martial arts skills class, if properly acquired, enables the practitioner to overcome the brute force of physically stronger opponents. This makes it an ideal form of self-defence for anyone seeking higher level techniques regardless of martial art experience.

A number of different forms of Chen style are taught in this class. These are used as a tool to help develop strength, balance, coordination, and understanding of basic Taiji principles. The strength of the form is based on the basic “Chan Si Jing” (spiral energy/force).




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Effective techniques such as strikes, kicks, blocks, take-down, capturing and seizing (Qin-na) control consistent with Taijiquan principles are also taught. These cover a variety of situations, thus allowing one to prove the effectiveness of Taijiquan through practical applications as self-defence.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: TBA